Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have a lot of favorite things in this world, but my most favoritest thing is a good story. Only if it is true though. People who have funny stories about their crazy lives and the crazy people they've met can keep my attention for hours. There's a couple of people in particular that I beg for stories from almost everytime I talk to them. It's the best feeling when they have a new experience to share, and even when they don't, I have a list of their best stories in my head that I make them repeat for me over and over again.

I've begun to think of myself as a collector of other people's stories. It wasn't until my friend Robbie (who currently holds the #1 spot for funniest, craziest, best stories on my list) started showing enthusiasm for my stories that I realized how many crazy experiences I have had in my own life. He suggested I start a blog telling those stories.

And so here it is. Most of the stories are funny. Many of them are embarrassing. Some are better than others, but I'm writing them all down for my own benefit. I need a collection of my own for when I'm 80 and can't remember my life very clearly anymore. Hopefully you enjoy them too, but if there are some you don't really like or understand completely, I'm apologizing in advance. Also, if any of my friends happen to stumble across this blog and find themselves mentioned in the stories, sorry for not changing your names. I'm just too lazy for that, plus what if when I'm 80 I can't even remember your correct names?

I'll never claim to be a good writer, but dang-it I know I'm a good storyteller. So, come gather 'round my proverbial recliner while I reminisce about my crazy life. Enjoy!


amber and cody said...

YAY FOR STORYTIME WITH JESS!!!! I'm so glad you started a blog, I miss you and your crazy adventures! Where are you these days lady? I would love to have lunch and catch up if you're still (or ever) in UT! Thanks for sendin me the link, nowadays I'm in desperate need of a good laugh, and I can't think of anyone better to get that from :)

Robert Anthony Pierce II said...

I am about to read them, and I have been so excited for this chance for days. Woohoo!